Last year, Leslie & Thomas took the award for Year's Coldest Engagement Shoot.  Well, Kelly & Rod get this year's honor.  Kelly & Rod live over in London, and since I had actually only ever talked to Kelly via email, we met up early at a teeny tiny coffee shop that had ginormous cups of coffee.  we got to chat, look through some albums and get to know each other. 

Once we were sufficiently warmed and fueled by a massive up of delicious coffee, we took off for their alma mater, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  We wandered around the grounds for a bit until our coffee-induced warmth faded, then we headed indoors.  We may or may not have needed permission to be in the library, but again, I prefer to think of these "rules" as merely suggestions ..

I was so happy to get to spend an evening with Jill, Troy and their newest addition, Emma.  Jill & Troy were my hunny's roommates for years and he and Troy work together.  Getting to attend their wedding was a first for me .. I got to go as a guest!  AKA - Steph had a lot of wine, seconds at dinner and 3WHOLEPIECES of wedding cake.  That, and it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding.

Happy Monday!  This week's blogging starts off with two good friends .. Steph & JD.  You might recognize JD as one of Deane's groomsmen. 

Steph & JD are excitedly planning their May wedding and wanted to incorporate the beach, the bridge and (my favorite) their puppies.  We chose one of my favorites on the shore, Matapeake State Park.

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven't ever had the weather cause so many issues as I did this year.  Numerous engagements had to be rescheduled, and Caroline & Brandon's was no exception.  They were troopers, through, and we managed to squeeze in an absolutely beautiful day shortly before Thanksgiving.  We chose one of my favorite secret spots on Kent Island .. Terrapin Park.  Just off of Rt. 8 and in an industrial office park, you'd really have to know about it to find it.

Tricia & Billy had the honor of being our last wedding of the year.  Mary Ellen and Danny got to spend the whole day in my hometown of Annapolis and I have to say they did a simply superb job! 

Tricia and her girls all got ready at her Mom's house while the boys were all downtown Annapolis at a friends house.  Mary Ellen hung out with the girls in while Danny was keeping an eye on the guys.

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, they headed over to the incredible St.

This is our second to last wedding of the year, but we're still a long ways from being caught up on all the blogging! 

Callie & Dylan had one of those perfect October days for their wedding .. a slight crispness in the air, yet a beautiful sky and plentiful sunshine.  Having a waterfront ceremony didn't hurt either :)

The beautiful (and close!) Herrington on the Bay their entire day.

Good Morning, and happy Tuesday! 

I looked forward to this engagement session for a while, and I am SUPER stoked for their June wedding.  Noel and I have been friends since .. what ... 6th grade?!  I still have videos we made for school projects .. her with bangs and me with braces (ick) We would have "camping" trips in our back yards ..

Happy Monday!  The blogging continues in full force this week, with a new blog each day, so check back often :)

October sure was a busy month!  Coming off of two great events like the MPWS and Rachael & Deane's wedding, I was so pumped for Kelly & Mike's wedding.  I knew it was going to be a fun time because we had such a blast at their engagement shoot.

Amy was my assistant-extraordinaire for the day and what a day it was.

Most of my blog posts are filled with love, laughter and the highest of emotions.  I photograph weddings, babies, families .. the times and relationships that mean the most to people.  This blog still has love, laughter and emotions of the highest variety, though the reason couldn't be more opposite. 

On March 13, 2011, the world lost a great man and a dear friend.  Tommy and I went to Salisbury together and shared many happy memories together, both from school and after.

After a crazy busy week in Cali, I literally flew back with hours to spare before Rachael & Deane's wedding. This was unlike any wedding I have ever been to.  I put the camera down, and picked up flowers and was a bridesmaid!  Rachael and Deane are two of my best friends, and I was so honored to be a part of their day.  It was very weird to be on the other end of the camera but I wasn't worried at all .. my awesome counterparts Mary Ellen and Danny had the day completely covered.